Teen Girls Cumming

When Jodie woke the next morning and found her son in bed with her, she gasped. Then she came fully
awake and remembered their wild fucking of yesterday, and she shivered with excitement. It hadn't been
just a dream. She'd really had the satisfaction she'd craved for so long.
Of course, she'd had it with her own son, and that made it a lot different from the average love affair.
Also, she'd spent the night fucking with Dane just after she'd gotten engaged to Craig. The whole
situation was pretty weird, she had to admit.
But wasn't that basically Craig's fault? If he didn't have this silly belief in not fucking before marriage, she
wouldn't have ended up in bed with her son. She wouldn't have been starved for sex, wild with
frustration, so incredibly needy that she was ready to commit incest.
None of that mattered now, anyhow. It didn't matter why she'd fucked her own kid. The deed was
done, she couldn't take it back. She was guilty of incest, and nothing could change that. So why not justgrab all the fun she could get?
Smiling to herself, Jodie slipped out of bed, being quiet so she wouldn't wake Dane. The boy had fucked
himself into total exhaustion last night, and he needed his sleep. She went to take a long, luxurious
shower. But just as she was about to step out of the shower stall, Dane slipped in beside her, naked and


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